Donate in Honor of Jessie Mangaliman

Jessie, a long-time supporter of IIBA who served as a Board Member and Board President, passed away on July 20th.

In Loving Memory of Jessie Mangaliman 

“His spirit will be remembered and honored by so many. We are glad there is somewhere that will continue the work he championed all his life.

–an individual who donated in honor of jessie

A former journalist for the San Jose Mercury News, Jessie was warm, thoughtful, intelligent, and humble. His dedication and generosity were nothing short of inspiring. Though Jessie never boasted about his accomplishments, they were many. He was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for articles on AIDS and immigration for New York Newsday and was a member of the paper’s team that won the 1992 Pulitzer for breaking news for a midnight subway derailment.

An immigrant’s challenges were familiar to Jessie. He came to the U.S. from the Philippines on a student visa. When his visa and work permit lapsed, he lived in fear of deportation. Despite this fear, he courageously shared his experiences as an undocumented U.S. resident in a story that appeared in Newsday in 1988.

We invite you to read about Jessie’s life and to join IIBA in supporting immigrants with the courage and compassion that Jessie brought to his work, his volunteer commitments, and to his community. He will be deeply missed.

Jessie was an amazing, brilliant, kind, down to earth colleague. He touched so many lives in deep meaningful ways and I am blessed to have known him. Making a donation in his memory to IIBA is an honor. Thank you for the important work you do! 

Donate in Honor of Jessie

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