IIBA’s “Immigrant Advocates” Monthly Giving Program

IIBA's ability to provide immigration legal services to low-income immigrants depends on support from people like you.

The United States has always been a nation of immigrants. IIBA has been working on behalf of immigrants and refugees for 102 years. Today, IIBA is the largest nonprofit provider of immigration legal services in Northern California. Today, immigrants need your support more than ever.

Please join us with a commitment of at least $10/month. Stand with immigrants, stand with IIBA.

Provide legal representation to 1 immigrant survivor of domestic violence

Sponsor one class of 12 immigrant students as they prepare for the citizenship exam and interview

Support 1 green card holder as they fulfill their dream of becoming a US citizen

Provide access to legal consultations and advice for three immigrants

Supply educational materials for
4 students in IIBA citizenship preparation classes

Sign Up to Be an IIBA Immigrant Advocate Today!

Here’s what to look forward to when you join:

  • Welcome card with an Immigrant Advocate sticker
  • Quarterly updates on how your monthly donations are making a difference in lives of immigrants in our communities
  • An invitation to an annual gathering with IIBA’s legal team and fellow participants

Why Give Monthly?


    Support immigrants all year long. Commit to working side-by-side with IIBA on a long-term approach to helping immigrants obtain more secure statuses in the face of changing U.S. policies.


    Become an invested partner in IIBA’s work by joining a community of insiders. Join people like you, from eight counties around the Bay, who believe in protecting immigrants.

  3. IT’S EASY!

    Rest assured that you’re supporting immigrants for the next year by confirming your support and payment details once. Receive one round-up tax-receipt from IIBA at the end of your first IIBA Immigrant Advocates Giving Program year.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our charter year of IIBA’s “Immigrant Advocates” Monthly Giving Program, we expect you might have some questions. Please see our FAQ below. If you’re curious about something not covered here, please contact giving@iibayarea.org

Once I’ve made my first gift, how can I make changes to my account (e.g. update my credit card number or billing address)?

Find your original confirmation email or receipt from Classy, scroll to the bottom, and click the Manage Your Donation button. Sign in. Navigate to your Recurring Donation, select Edit Donation, and update your credit card information and/or the billing address for your recurring donation. Click Save to update your donation information. Please contact IIBA if you need assistance.

When can I expect my credit card to be charged moving forward?

Your credit card will be charged each month on the same date as your first charge. For example, if you set up your monthly donation to start on July 2, 2020, your second monthly donation will be charged on August 2, 2020. If you want to change the day that you’re charged for your donation, please contact IIBA to update.

Will I receive verification of my donations for tax purposes?

Each month, you will receive a confirmation from Classy that your monthly donation has been charged. At the end of each calendar year, IIBA will send you an acknowledgement letter and round-up tax-receipt.

Can I set up my monthly donation through my donor-advised fund?

Yes, of course. Please contact your charitable giving account to set up and then email IIBA with the confirmed grant recommendation and recurring schedule details. IIBA will provide an acknowledgement and tax-receipt annually. Please note any changes to your recurring gift will have to be made with your charitable giving account.

 If my circumstances change and I need to stop giving, how can I do so?

Please let IIBA know if you’re in this position and we will help you cancel your recurring donation.

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