Free San Pablo DACA and General Immigration Workshop


Thursday, April 11th, from 3pm to 7pm


San Pablo, CA. Please call 415-534-5878 to register. 


Phone, 925-237-8581 ext. 11

In partnership with OneJustice, IIBA is holding a free DACA and general immigration workshop on Thursday, April 11 from 3pm to 7 pm in San Pablo, California. Please call 415-534-5878 for more information.



Please bring:

1. Immigration documents/documents relevant to your case;

2. A copy of your green card, if applicable;

3. Documentation of all arrests and/or convictions, including reason for the arrest, date;

4. Documentation of all traffic citations, including payment, certified police/ court documents indicating such. Request a copy of your driving record from the DMV.



If your DACA expired on or after Sept . 5, 2016, or will expire within a year of Jan. 19th, 2019, please bring:

1. 2 Passport size photos;

2. Prior work permit and/or DACA approval notice;

3. Copy of previous application, if possible.

Do I need to register?

Yes, registration is required for this workshop. To register, call 925-237-8581 ext. 11 or email

What to bring

Contact us to find out what you need to bring.

This event is organized by Brentwood Office