“The land flourished because it was fed from so many sources, because it was nourished by so many cultures and traditions and peoples.” - Lyndon B. Johnson, 36th President of the United States

International Institute of the Bay Area

The International Institute of the Bay Area (IIBA) provides high-quality immigration legal services, education, and civic engagement opportunities to immigrants, refugees, and their families as they join and contribute to the community. With its eight offices throughout the Bay Area that provide legal immigration and other services, as well as through its collaborative efforts with local and regional service providers, IIBA effectively serves immigrants and their families. We offer immigrants the information and assistance they need to understand and exercise their rights and responsibilities. Because of IIBA’s services, more immigrant families obtain stable immigration status in the United States.

IIBA's History

Our Offices

Board Members

  • Jennifer Beckett (President)
  • Sean McCormick (Vice President)
  • Steve Herman (Treasurer)
  • Anne Peskoe (Secretary)
  • Shuting Chen
  • Richard Fuller
  • Bernardo Merino
  • Sacha Steenhoek
  • Maya Tobias
  • Joey Yang