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International Institute of the Bay Area
2600 Middlefield Road
Redwood City, CA 94063

The International Institute of the Bay Area's (IIBA) Redwood City Office provides immigration legal services to the Bay Area community. Our immigration attorneys and Board of Immigration Appeals Accredited Representatives[?]What is this?
A BIA accredited representative is a non-lawyer who has been granted permission by the Board of Immigration Appeals to represent immigrants on behalf of a recognized organization, such as IIBA.
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help Bay Area residents determine if they are eligible for immigration relief, and represent them throughout the application process. Scroll down for a list of services offered at our Redwood City Office, and for the calendar of events / workshops our Redwood City Office is putting on.

Learn about the International Institute of the Bay Area, a nonprofit organization specializing in affordable immigration legal services.


General Immigration Consultations (drop-in) ($30)

Drop in Consultations are offered on a first come, first served basis every Monday (except holidays) Registration begins at 8:00am. And there are a limited number of consultations. The consultation fee is $30. Clients are screened for eligibility for various types of immigration benefits, clients with viable cases will be taken on in-house or referred out based on demand and availability.

Citizenship "Platica" (Registration Needed)

Citizenship “Platicas” or Workshops are held every second Tuesday of the month, alternating between mornings and afternoons. A short presentation is offered, followed by individual consultations with our legal experts. Next, the application is completed with the assistance of trained volunteers, and lastly, each application is reviewed with a legal expert. Donations accepted. Please call 650-780-7530 to register for this event.


Citizenship Classes (registration) (free)

We offer free English as a Second Language (ESL) classes that emphasize speaking and cover United States government, history, and civics, all topics tested during the naturalization interview.

Visit our List of Services page for a more detailed list of the services our offices provide.

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