Donate Your Car

Donate your car. It's an easy and seamless process and will make a difference in the lives of immigrants.

Donating your vehicle will help immigrants’ lives, save you money, and give you a tax deduction! Your car doesn’t have to be running or in great condition. Your vehicle can still be put to great use whatever shape it is in, so please consider donating it to IIBA!

As the largest non-profit provider of immigration legal services in Northern California, IIBA provides critical legal support to immigrants and refugees in our community. With your donation, IIBA can continue to ensure that immigrants obtain equal access to justice.

**To begin the car donation process, please fill out the form below. After your information is processed, you will be put into contact with our partner organization, CARS, that will help coordinate the FREE pickup and the rest of the donation process**

Please visit our FAQ page if you have questions about the specifics of the car donation process.

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