Tribute Fund

Who stands out to you in your family or community? By establishing a Tribute Fund, you can both honor them and support the vital work of IIBA.

Who stands out to you in your family or community? Who has embodied hospitality, worked for justice, celebrated diversity, and inspired you to be better? Who has been the beacon of light in your life?

Together with your family, friends, or colleagues, you have an opportunity to honor a loved one and support IIBA in our work to help more immigrants attain citizenship. The story of your loved one will be included on IIBA’s website, and we will also announce the new Tribute Honorees at our Annual Comedy Night for Immigrant Rights. 

Each Tribute Fund helps five individuals become U.S. Citizens with a cumulative gift of $2,500 or more. For more information about establishing a Tribute Fund with IIBA, please contact our Development Director, Heidi James at

Tribute Fund Honorees

The Edmund Schooler Tribute Fund (Est. 2021)

Teresa De Luca Schooler, long-time supporter of IIBA, pays tribute to her husband Edmund Schooler. At eight years old, Edmund was one of the children evacuated from London during the German Blitz of World War II. He left school at age 14, joined the British Army, and eventually found his way to executive management around the world. In retirement, Edmund expressed himself through art.

The Ruth Elizabeth Schwabacher Cecchetti Tribute Fund (Est. 2019)

Ruth fled Nazi Germany as a nine-year-old refugee, seeking safety in the United States, along with her family. She became fiercely patriotic and devoted to immigrants.

“She would be honored to participate in an organization like IIBA and to help further the goal of aiding immigrants and refugees coming to the United States, especially at a time like this.” – Margaret Cecchetti, Ruth’s daughter

The Joseph Paul De Luca Tribute Fund (Est. 2019)

Born in Fascist Italy, Joseph was separated from his family at nine months old. They reunited in the U.S. when he was 16. He graduated from UCLA, attended law school, and received a Purple Heart for his service in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War.

“While he is no longer with us, his story and memories are ever present.” – Teresa De Luca Schooler, Joseph’s Sister

The Michael Desmond Tribute Fund (Est. 2019)

Michael Desmond immigrated to the U.S. through Ellis Island in the early 1900s. He served as a detective on San Francisco’s waterfront.

“His choice to make San Francisco his home shaped the direction of our lives. The future he created for our family inspires us to help today’s immigrants secure their families’ futures as well.” – The Dumesnil Family

The Mary MacHarg Halsted Lonergan Tribute Fund (Est. 2018)

Mary volunteered as an ESL teacher with IIBA and served on the IIBA’s Board for many years.

“She was the spark that started our family’s three decades of service to immigrants and our ongoing commitment to the work of IIBA.” – The Halsted and Lonergan Families

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