IIBA Client: Maria


Maria arrived at IIBA’s citizenship preparation class last Tuesday just as she had done every week for the past six months. But this Tuesday was different since Maria was there to inform her fellow classmates and IIBA staff that she had just passed her citizenship interview and was now a U.S. Citizen.

“My first interaction with IIBA was four years ago when I was adjusting my status to legal permanent resident. IIBA provided me with an interpreter the day of my interview.” When Maria was eligible to apply for citizenship, she registered for a citizenship workshop. That is when she learned about IIBA’s citizenship classes. “Right away I felt comfortable and could see how professional and knowledgeable IIBA’s staff and volunteers were.”

Though Maria acknowledged she was nervous as she waited for her name to be called at the USCIS office, she was confident that she would do well. “The IIBA instructors covered everything I needed to learn to get ready for the citizenship interview. In every class, we covered civics, reading, and writing.” When she called her 7-year-old son, Alex, to tell him she had passed her test and was now a U.S. citizen, Alex told his mom, “I love you mom, and I am very proud of you.” Maria looks forward to being able to vote in the next presidential election and traveling without restrictions.

“I’d like to thank IIBA for providing free classes to people who want to become citizens; it has changed my life and I know it has changed the lives of a lot of people in my community”.

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