Stanford University Students Team Up with IIBA to Inform the Community about the 2020 Census

Every person counts. That is why Stanford University Spanish Language Professor Vivian Brates and a group of her students partnered with IIBA to conduct outreach to nearly 1,300 people to ensure they have the help they need to overcome any barriers to completing the census.

What do you find meaningful about helping IIBA with our census outreach to immigrant communities?

“With so many obstacles in the way—it’s more important than ever that we emphasize the importance of the census, and restore confidence in the process. Every time I talk to someone who has already filled out the census, or give instructions to someone who hasn’t yet filled out their form, I am reminded that so many people are working hard to make sure their communities are counted.”  –Courtney Cooperman

“The census is such a crucial part of how the government allocates resources, such as housing resources and money for schools. I think it is so important to make people aware that they are safe filling out the census, and to know it really is important for them to get resources allocated to their community.” 
–Elanor Diffenbaugh

“Those who are often most hesitant to fill out the census typically live in communities where it is really important to allocate resources, so I think it’s really meaningful to remind people of the census and dispel the myths about it, to make sure people know there is no citizenship question and it is used to benefit their community, not to harm them.” –Avery Muniz

These programs were made possible with support from the Stanford Language Center and the Haas Center for Public Service. 

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