Volunteer Lauren Bier

Lauren BierIIBA Legal Intern Lauren Bier is no stranger to volunteer work. “When I turned twelve years old my parents announced, ‘You’re old enough to start working at the soup kitchen!’” Her early experiences taught Lauren to appreciate the many advantages she has in life, and to look for opportunities to give back to her community.

After earning her law degree at University of Pittsburgh, Lauren brought her legal and language skills to IIBA, where she assists our staff attorneys and serves as a translator for clients like Ana Mirabel. “I was so fortunate,” Ana Mirabel says, “to connect with IIBA’s resources and with people like Lauren, who know the language and help with interviews.”

Clearly, Lauren feels fortunate, too. When she received the message that Ana Mirabel’s application for permanent residency had been approved, she shouted, “Yes!” and called her own parents to share the good news. “It’s wonderful to know what I’m doing is making a difference.”

As Lauren studies for the bar exam and looks forward to launching her legal career, she has her eye on immigration reform. No matter where she lands, she plans “to continue doing this kind of work, making life just a little bit better.” Considering what she has accomplished already, we have no doubt she’ll reach her goal.

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