Ariana Hoyt portrait

Volunteer: Ariana Hoyt

Ariana Hoyt first began to work with the immigrant community while attending Stanford. “In college, I worked for a tutoring program for Stanford janitors. It opened my eyes to see the janitor I worked with go through so much, yet still make an effort to improve his English.” This experience solidified her desire to work with immigrants and eventually led her to volunteer at IIBA.
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Volunteer: James Phelps

When high school student James Phelps began volunteering at IIBA, he knew his work would help others, but he had no idea the impact that volunteering would have on his own worldview.
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Hangama Asefi

Staff Profile: Hangama Asefi

Community Outreach Coordinator of IIBA’s Fremont office, Hangama Asefi has intimate knowledge of the traumas many immigrants face.
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IIBA Volunteers: Robert and Rachel

When park rangers Robert and Rachel are not protecting America’s National Parks, they are volunteer teachers at IIBA’s citizenship preparation class in San Francisco. “My wife Rachel had signed up to volunteer at IIBA and asked me to accompany her, as I had prior experience working with citizenship students. I had planned only to help a couple of times, but when I saw what a difference I could make, I haven’t stopped volunteering since.”
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