Immigrant Voices

We hope you enjoy getting to know some of the incredible people who are at the heart of IIBA’s work.

Seizing Opportunities: Isaac’s Story

For Isaac, growing up undocumented meant living in constant fear. With IIBA’s legal and financial support, Isaac has been able to maintain his DACA status without paying exorbitant fees, giving him peace of mind to pursue better opportunities for his family.

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Leap of Faith: Cinthya’s Story

Taking a leap of faith, Cinthya got married and moved to the United States. With IIBA’s support, she became a permanent resident in 2003. Two decades later, Cinthya again turned to IIBA for legal help to obtain citizenship, in hopes of giving back to her adopted community in Redwood City.

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Finding Home: Leska’s Story

After surviving a tragic accident, Leska left Ukraine and found home and community in the Bay Area. She worked with IIBA’s Redwood City team to achieve her dream of becoming a U.S. citizen. Now, Leska hopes to coach and inspire others with the invaluable lessons from her own immigration journey.

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Roots of Love: Eric & Patricia’s Story

Before they met in 2015, Eric and Patricia each had complicated relationships with the U.S. immigration system. After falling in love and getting married, the couple would again have to navigate the complex system to prove their love to immigration officials.

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Video: IIBA’s Impact In Napa County

IIBA opened our Napa office in 2013. Since then, 1,300 individuals have become citizens. In 2013, IIBA Napa was a staff of one. Today IIBA Napa is a staff of nine.

Since 2013, 6,350 legal consultations have been provided to immigrants and their families, 102,000 individuals have been educated on their rights, and 620 students…

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IIBA Napa Client: Jorge

For thirty years, Jorge has been a member of the Napa Community, working in the wine industry as a field worker and tractor driver.  He and his wife of 30 years met at church in St. Helena, where Jorge sang in the choir. He and his wife raised their four children in Napa. On Friday,…

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