IIBA Staff: Diamante Rueda

Diamante is the Legal Outreach Coordinator at IIBA’s Redwood City office and educates the immigrant community on their constitutional rights. She also works on diverse immigration cases and coordinates the DACA program. Diamante chose IIBA because she is passionate about advocating for the immigrant community.
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Hangama Asefi

Staff Profile: Hangama Asefi

Community Outreach Coordinator of IIBA’s Fremont office, Hangama Asefi has intimate knowledge of the traumas many immigrants face.
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Staff Profile: Xenia Martinez

When you meet Xenia Martinez, a former IIBA client and current employee, it doesn’t take long to notice there’s something special about her--not just the warmth of her smile or her quick laughter, but her innate ability to inspire hope in people. “Everything is like a seed,” she says. “You just have to pour water on it to let it grow.”
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